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Although the Blind Boys of Alabama have been singing gospel music for more than five decades, it’s only recently that the group has had the benefit of a major record company behind it. From their inception in the 1930s, when all were boys, the group’s members turned their blindness into their chief selling point, and in fact, all members of the group except one are blind. They began singing when all were students at the Talladega Institute for the Deaf and Blind in Alabama, but didn’t begin recording until 1948. The group began singing professionally as the Happy Land Jubilee Singers, and for years lived a day-to-day, dollar-to-dollar existence touring the South.
Beginning in 1948, they recorded for a variety of small record companies, and had gospel music hits in the 1950s with “Oh, Lord Stand by Me” and “I Can See Everybody’s Mother But I Can’t See Mine.” In 1950, after the death of one of its members, the group renamed itself simply as the Blind Boys of Alabama. According to Fountain, the group’s high point was being on Broadway for 15 weeks with the musical Gospel at Colonus. The group was awarded a National Heritage Fellowship in 1994.

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